Patient Testimonials

If you get the chance, ask your physician who he and his family go to for their Oral Surgery!

Dear Dr. Overbeck,

I feel that I must put in writing my feelings of gratitude to you and your staff. I must use words like kind, helpful, pleasant, efficient, caring etc to describe all of you. You are all a very select group and we are lucky to have you in Venice.

Thank you, gratefully,
Richard M.

Dr. Cara,

From my first visit to your seminar on Dental Implants, I knew that I had found the right place! Thank you all so much for the professional care and concerns I received during my implant procedure. Dr. Cara, you are the best! Every member of your staff was always available to me and always most helpful and always with a smile.

Thank you,
Margaret C.

Dear Dr. Cara,

How wonderful it must be to have the gift of doing your work on people who are in pain, and make their pain go away!
You are on my list of people who have impressed me during my life. It is a very short list, but you are on it.

Thank you,
Paul S.

Dear Dr. Overbeck and Staff,

Thanks to you and your professional staff, my daughters experienced supreme quality of care before, during and after their procedures in your beautiful office. The pre and post op instructions were explained in layman’s terms and we felt totally comfortable in your care.

With sincere appreciation,
James and Gail B.

To whomever It May Concern:

Over two years ago, tired of and embarrassed by the empty space in my mouth where a molar used to be 15 annoying years ago (when not filled by a bothersome, removable prosthesis that had cost a few hundred dollars, but I had chosen due to my fear of an invasive procedure), I approached Dr. Overbeck regarding an implant. I listened to the information presented and read the printed information provided to me by Dr. Overbeck and her staff, information that thoroughly explained in every detail what I needed to make an informed decision. Although I decided that a dental implant was exactly what I was looking for, fear and miserliness combined to create procrastination, and I put off beginning the process. It took another year of the aggravation of that darned hole in my mouth before I began the process.

I was needlessly apprehensive on the day of the procedure. I felt no discomfort during the placement of the implant and, once I relaxed, rather enjoyed interacting with Dr. Overbeck and her staff all of whom are friendly, attentive and more than competent.

A year later, I wonder why I waited so long to do this. I am thoroughly satisfied with my decision to have an implant. I have the unexpected benefit of no longer having the annoyance of a food impaction between the molars on the other side of my mouth after every meal. I hope to never have another space where a missing tooth once was, but, if I do, I wont choose the cowards way out and opt for another non-invasive procedure. I would, without hesitation, have another implant.

Geri F.

Dear Dr. Overbeck,

Since this was my first dental implant, I was quite apprehensive after making the decision to have it done. Just want you to know how surprised and delighted I was to have no pain or discomfort with the entire procedure. I am very pleased with the result and appreciate your skill and professionalism so very much. An added pleasure was your gentle, thoughtful and caring manner and your pleasant staff as well.

Thank you,
Pat S.

Dr. Cara Overbeck and Staff,

Doug and I want to thank you for everything. Its a long process, many times very frustrating, but the results are well worth the wait!! Dr. Overbeck, you are the greatest!!! Your skill, knowledge and professionalism is above anything we could’ve hoped for. Not only do you handle each of your patients as if they are the only ones, but you are gentle, caring & compassionate. Everything is turning out so nicely, we cant wait to see the end result. It is making such a huge difference in my life! I will look great with my sparkling whites!!! Thanks so much for being there & doing such wonderful things for people!!

We can not say enough about your staffWonderful, wonderful!!! The smiles, the patience, the care and the service.. all top of the line!! How great it is to know you are in a friendly, safe and caring environment. Great team!!

Thanks so much from the bottom of our hearts, well never forget the excellent service and treatment we experienced.

Dee & Doug

Dear Dr. Overbeck,

I just wanted to thank you so much for the totally painless wisdom tooth extraction. At no time did I experience any pain or discomfort. You are incredible! Thank you again for a great experience.

Joe N.

Dear Dr. Overbeck and Staff,

My name is Dick R. and I had surgery for an implant. I would like to say that going to the dentist is not one of my favorite things to do and the thought of getting an implant really made me uptight. I am a retired City of Buffalo, NY police officer and I don’t get uptight about a lot of things, but going to the dentist gets me a little nervous.

I can only say to you, Dr. Overbeck and your staff, that my implant surgery was absolutely pain free and at all times I felt comfortable and confident with you and your staff. The girls at the front desk were very pleasant.

The entire procedure from beginning to finish gave me a reassurance that going to the dentist can be a pleasant experience.

Dick R.