Bone Morphogenetic Protein

BMP is an option to replace missing bone in the jaws. The active ingredient in BMP is a manufactured version of a protein already present in the body that promotes new bone growth. During surgery, the BMP is soaked onto a collagen sponge. The soaked sponge is then placed into the site prepared for grafting. The sponge is designed to resorb overtime. As the sponge dissolves, the bone morphogenetic protein stimulates the cells to produce new bone which takes about six months.

Benefits of BMP

The benefit of BMP is that it may eliminate the need to collect bone from somewhere else in your body, which is another bone grafting option. Without the need for this second surgical site, you’ll be exposed to less anesthesia, and potential complications such as pain, numbness, and swelling, and have a speedier recovery.
Dr. Overbeck will be happy to discuss all grafting options with you at the consultation appointment.