Introral Camera

Sometimes it is difficult for patients to understand the condition of their teeth and mouth in the same way the dentist does. Using an intraoral camera helps you see for yourself exactly what is happening in your mouth. An intraoral camera is a small digital camera that looks like a pen. It connects to our computer and a large monitor or TV screen.

Advantages of Intraoral Cameras


The intraoral camera enlarges the inside of the teeth to more than 40 times their actual size on a full color screen display. By zooming in on a problem area, dentists are capable of seeing much more than they could with the human eye alone. Often problems can be picked up earlier with this technology.

Better Record Keeping

Digital photos allow us to monitor pathology and track changes in lesion size and appearances over time. These can be shared with your dentist by email. Images can also be printed and given to patients to take home to monitor for changes or explain it to your partner.

Better Planning and Education

The intraoral camera is not just a diagnostic tool but it also serves as an educational one too. In the past, dentists have struggled to explain dental problems to patient. Most people cannot see well into their own mouths, which leaves dentists to draw diagrams or use props or difficult to understand x-rays to explain what is going on in the mouths of their patients. Intraoral cameras lets the patient see exactly what the dentist sees in real time and allows the patient to become part of the examination process. It helps patients understand so they can make informed decisions about their treatment.